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Buy a room to ask first can aseismatic a few class are aseismatic ability pays c
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"Is your house aseismatic a few class? " the person that buy a house not less of late can quiz so. The serious casualties that this tremendous catastrophic place causes shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, caused people again the attention of aseismatic to all sorts of buildings sex. Relevant data shows, personal casualty gross 95% above are caused by building collapse, only inadequacy grade of coast of body of the flood that causes by earthquake and earthquake directly, hill gives birth to calamity to bring about the personal casualty of 5% . In the investigation of a network of the near future, the informant of 98.28% thinks, the meeting when buying a house considers a building dish the element such as aseismatic intensity. Half of seismic happening many month comes, aseismatic standard already became the house the first element with referenced course of study of buy of the person that buy a house.

The brick is mixed the structure is secondhand the room drops price

"The influence of psychology of the person that because the earthquake is right,buy a house, when choosing a building, construction quality already became the factor that the person that buy a house considers above all, they also rise greatly to the requirement of construction company. Lowrise layer may become first selection target in, an opposite situation is formed before this and earthquake. " in area of Beijing rising sun some high-grade and villatic building dish Mr Wang that the selling office works tells a reporter.

In the Heibei swallow outskirt of Beijing the eastpart part, open quotation before long before selling office of garden of international of trade of meaning Hua Dong has many Peking Man, will see a room. "Aseismatic intensity is our building 8 degrees at 6 o'clock multistage, " the Guo Rui of the selling office tells a reporter: "Had asked this question without the person before, the person that sees a room now cares this. " " you can check the structure that examines what structure to be able to fight earthquake of a few class from the net, ours is wall shears force. " immediately person seeing a room says to had been checked on the net " building of wall shears force is more aseismatic " .

Recently, the reporter browses discovery of website of each big estate forum, the problem that the person that buy a house cares most has been the element such as the price, traffic, circumjacent environment no longer, the short of Wenshui River of an arise suddenly plain earth shake lets a lot of person that buy a house put safe issue in the first place. "Want to buy a house recently, this earth shake was carried to me wake, now is high-level building, safety is the most important, living in high quality house heart a bit more dependable! " in sight Beijing a building dish before the selling office, mr Li of the room tells a reporter in light of.

The reporter understands in intermediary of much home building, a series of safe elements such as the frame construction that the person buy a house of the great majority after shake has begun a building, aseismatic grade regard the first selection that buys a house as the standard. And to bridal chamber, the person that buy a house is right secondhand the aseismatic function of the room is valued more, the person that the house is bought previously often cares only secondhand the element such as establishment of situation of the price of the room, use fixed number of year, transportation, form a complete set, what not strong to aseismatic function brick mixes a structure is secondhand room, the person that buy a house does not have interest mostly.
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