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White-collar buy line of business is direct: Buy first transfer pressure of hous
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Mr Zhang: I this year 31 years old, the time that comes to Beijing already had 6 years, workplace is in country a near trade medium-sized company, at present monthly pay is controlled in 12000 yuan, the fixed living expenses of every month includes rent 2500 yuan / month, individual consumes 2500 yuan daily / month, every month can have 7000 yuan of right-and-left balance, at present the individual already had the stockpile 180 thousand yuan. Every company month pays 1300 yuan accumulation fund for me, up to remaining sum was controlled for 40 thousand yuan above account of my accumulation fund May. Because was tired of the long-term life that rent a house, and be in nonlocal parents year the work is expensive already, I plan the near future to buy a house property to receive parents to come to Beijing to live together next in Beijing, facing the biggest problem at present is how the requirement that buy industry ability satisfies oneself and family better, among them parents can offer 200 thousand yuan saving to serve as the money that buy a house.

Solve: Personage of major of catenary home real estate thinks, mr Zhang buys a room to want give attention to two or morethings to arrive two respects, it is to make aperient triumph; 2 it is the house suits parents to live, in view of above two respects recommend program of employment of two kinds of buy:

Plan one: Black area of hold office at court buys two house bridal chamber

Government black area is the life community with capital mature the eastpart part, shop, medical treatment, traffic all sorts of form a complete set are complete, suit old people to live. Trade of nation of the distance inside area is convenient and quick, black area of proposal hold office at court buys small family model two bedrooms serve as transfer model house property. Structure of share day black area was in in May 2008 the following 2003 small family of second bridal chamber secondhand house unit price is 13500 yuan / square metre, the house property total that floor area controls in 80 square metre is in 1 million the left and right sides, the village that small family two bedrooms center has a youth to collect, the first city of beauty of dazzle special zone, country, two bedrooms area is in 60-80 square metre, comfortable collaboration to transfer house property lives, loan month offers pressure lesser.

Plan 2: Connect city subway along the line to buy three-room flat

To Mr Zhang, can take the kind of buy course of study that reach the designated position, recommend the large family that buys along the line of subway of bribe city district three-room flat, connect a city to be far from the urban district, air quality is good. The portion opened along the line of iron of and other places of city garden, the operatic circle in May 2008 medium door model three-room flat is secondhand the room clinchs a deal unit price is 9500 yuan about / square metre, the house property total that floor area controls in 130 square metre is 1.25 million the left and right sides, the village that large family three-room flat centers has Tong Dianming times of city of house, solar Qing Dynasty, Su He, new China couplet home, fashionable square. One pace offers pressure to month of bit-type buy employment bigger.
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