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Exceed the time limit of money of 936 million price did not hand in bead light r
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No matter be returned from the area,be from clinch a deal for valence, plot of sanded shellfish village can says " from the king that turn the land " . The personage inside the Ceng Youye before sell one's own things predicts this project residence all valence can achieve 7800 yuan / square metre, yield of the cost before its duty is expected to amount to 44% . But the assessment that made this last year has not suited the building city prices this year apparently.

Hand in paragraph time limit to already passed nowadays, price has not been handed in neat. Development business has shown " the likelihood did not want this land " , at present the government sector is studying the processing program of plot. According to contract provision, 6 months do not pay together cost, the government calls in free land, confiscate 100 million yuan bail.

Guangzhou from change what patted last year to the most large-scale residence uses the land or will be developed business return. This is located in what amount to 440 thousand much square metre from the mouth that influence a market, area is gigantic without bully plot is by last year the high price that sent 936 million yuan, the dealer of hair of prices get out of the way of building city must think afresh nowadays the development foreground of plot, and this considerable land income becomes the government sector very likely also the fortune on brushstroke paper.

Gigantic plot Guangzhou is infrequent

Guangzhou from the land sell one's own things that turns city by from room of the land that turn city tubal bureau provides gymnastics to make, last year on November 14, from room of the land that turn city tubal bureau issues announcement of land sell one's own things, roll out house of commodity of a heavyweight formally to use the land. This ground is located in a sector of an area of village of Sha Bei of market opening street, number is 2007-J3, always amount to four hundred and forty-two thousand eight hundred and sixty-six square metre with ground area, be from turn the land with the single width the largest last year area of sell one's own things, although be in light of limits of Guangzhou whole town, the land of such dimensions is whole sell one's own things is true also belong to infrequent.

Can see from inside program index, from change future of project of this large-scale residence to will rank an environment with the appropriate of low density celebrated, right door model, the price does not have limitation with the person that buy a house.

3 are performed seize ground big fight

Base price of sell one's own things of plot of sanded shellfish village is 806 million yuan, last year on December 18, share the 3 development business that comes from and other places of Guangzhou, Fosan to share open contest value, according to introducing in the personage inside the course of study of the spot at that time, seize the ground big fight is very intense. Finally, the bead light real estate that comes from Guangzhou gets this ground with 936 million yuan of contest, carry than base price rose 16% , clinch a deal floor price is 2114 yuan / square metre. No matter come from the area,say, or from clinch a deal for valence, plot of sanded shellfish village can says " from the king that turn the land " .
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