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3 Lin Yi heart 2136 mus of land are called in by the government around investmen
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One when the reporter obtained yesterday " about calling in Pudong new developed area 3 Lin Yi heart live the decision of access of area plot land " the file shows, shanghai real estate department already Pudong on May 30, 2008 3 Lin Yi heart live area plot access of 2136 mus of land calls in.

After experiencing change hands for many times, this equity structure is complex with the identity not the land of differentiate, use the ground finally to enter natural resources of land of Pudong new developed area to lay in a center as reserve afresh, and this plot also becomes Shanghai past years to come to what the government calls in a the greatest village god.

Around sends unfavorable balance of trade 2 billion

Shanghai businessman Zhou Xiaodi " employ fierce injury person " case ever shook Shanghai to go up for a time, and cause murder case one case this, it is to concern at Pudong 3 Lin Yi width of cloth accumulate the residential land that amounts to many mus 2000 -- " project of exemplarying heart living area " interest issue. Come more than 10 years, under the big screen of monetary interest dispute that business of a lot of development spreads out around this one plot, the major area that is this plot however never has obtained the awkward condition of legal status.

In December 1992, government of former Shanghai county belongs to place of villages of 3 Lin Xianggong banner, exemplarying heart village production team land to approve the head office of Shanghai county estate that rents subordinate. From this, build new housing development of 3 Lin Yi heart one, 2, 3 period make an appointment with 1.65 million square metre in all (2475 mus) land goes to Shanghai prefectural estate head office in the hand.

In April 2001, head office of Shanghai county estate changes make. The process is here medium, new century of company and Shanghai does poineering work (group) limited company and the group of the star in Shanghai of another governmental setting (predecessor builds the office for Shanghai residence) sign an agreement, develop exemplarying heart living area jointly, evaluate of every mus of land 250 thousand yuan, two companies in proportion contributive become a shareholder. Little younger brother of week of boss of new century poineering company takes over land of exemplarying heart project actually.

After this, tripartite establishs limited company of estate of exemplarying heart of new century of project company Shanghai, new century does poineering work, head office of Shanghai county estate and in astral group, cent runs project company 85% , 10% with the share of 5% . Company of Shanghai county estate obtains land fund for this five hundred and thirty-three million four hundred and seventy thousand yuan.

After this, develop fund for procuration, zhou Xiaodi invites business of about many development to intervene exemplarying heart project. Came in September 2001 second year in September, he introduces company of Shanghai sunshine group early or late, on the west subclass group and course of study of Shanghai Jun Yi buy project of exemplarying heart of limited company joint development. Can stem from interest issue, land of exemplarying heart project all the time property right is confused, zhou Xiaodi and accumulated rancor of much home company are quite deep.
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