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Buy sell much price less to hang down shrink of finance of land of city of drop-
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6 residences enter town with the ground first half of the year, 1 flows pat, only business of a development is participated in 3, clinch a deal with base price, with respect to this it is Guangzhou land trades the picture with current market. Compared with the gains of gold of land sell one's own things that was as high as 20.7 billion yuan last year, the income of 6 billion proved Guangzhou first half of the year bead trigonometry land trades have much cold and cheerless.

Guangzhou city achieves article of Zhaozhuo of general manager of company of outstanding estate adviser to tell our newspaper the reporter together: "2007, bead trigonometry area and even whole nation take ground king again and again, experience an abnormal a particular year, land market is returning to reason now, to excessive depend on land financial city, the state of mind that the government sells the land becomes more anxious. "

It is Guangzhou not just, be in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, land shedding is patted, development business retreats the ground to happen from time to tome, major plot clinchs a deal with base price.

Estate of Guangzhou classics abb seeks advice from center of firm researcher Zhu Xin to say: "Land market is not hopeful, development business puts main energy in the building dish sale and cash reclaim on, greatly abate to the interest of land. "

2007 is income of gold of land sell one's own things the first year when bring into management of budget of local government fund, the bumper harvest that also is land finance one hundred percent year. According to statistic of ministry of land natural resources, auction of countrywide invite public bidding hangs out his shingle income of land of sell one's own things exceeds 900 billion yuan, and finance income of the whole nation is 3.2 trillion yuan.

So tremendous income, 80% control by local government proper motion, the municipal construction that brings about a few cities and the people's livelihood throw income of land of excessive rely heavily on sb's service. Our newspaper reporter investigates discovery, estate market is stagnant, land price decreases, the government should be obtained expect income, what can do exclusively is to turn the land more, and development business is in to the demand of land abate, formed a vicious circle, price glides again.

Guangzhou land is owed much

2007, income of gold of sell one's own things of Guangzhou city land is as high as 20.7 billion yuan, and enter 2008, circumstance take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly.

The reporter arrives from the understanding inside course of study, guangzhou municipal government sold the land that give at high price last year in, at least 10 had not received gold of neat sell one's own things, and had appeared in the city such as Shanghai the case that develops business to return the land, this money government wants pocket nots allow to install easy.
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