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Beijing rolls out lot of room of 3 price fixing top unit price 6600 yuan
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Yesterday, city land arranged reserve center to roll out lot of room of 3 price fixing at the same time. These 3 ground are located in respectively before arranging justice area to stand area of street, Chang Ping answers Long Guanhe Dong Shahe on the west, sale price fixing is 5000 yuan of 6600 yuan of 5500 yuan of every square metre, every square metre, every square metre respectively.

As we have learned, before arranging justice area to stand street plot and Chang Ping area answer Long Guan on the west plot ever encountered before this shed mark, sale price fixing is increased after appearing on the market this afresh.

Among them, suitable justice plot sale price fixing increases 5500 yuan of every square metre from 4980 yuan of every square metre; Plot of the view that answer dragon sells price fixing to raise 6600 yuan of every square metre by 6500 yuan of every square metre.

City land arranges the relevant controller explanation that lays in a center to say, two plot shed mark to fail before sell one's own things, appear on the market this to be able to be done for certain afresh some adjust. Through the discovery after investigation, last ground of these two price fixing sheds mark and its price too low have very big concern, a lot of development business show, if cannot accept next this items according to this price, sell price fixing to can finish price fixing room to built the task to be increased appropriately.

Reporter discovery, suitable justice after the sex of policy of 20 thousand square metre that deserves to build in plot rents a room to enter town afresh " disappear " . Chief expresses related land reserve center, because this municipal plan sex rents room policy to have not decide,this is, roll out relevant plot opportunity to return crudely, accordingly, disadvantageous big batch is rolled out. And what design at present is policy sex rents a room to should leave the urban district a few closer, suitable justice the position is a little out-of-the-way. Means of 3 plot invite public bidding is hang out one's shingle sell one's own things, this means development business to buy the land through price of the contest on the net, although only an estate business shares contest value, this plot also can succeed sell one's own things, because develop trade measure,can avoid so insufficient and bring about shed mark, ensure price fixing ground is offerred smoothly to the market.

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